Boone County, Indiana

The Boone County Genealogical Society (BCGS) maintains a partnership with Boone County libraries. Meetings are held at the Lebanon Public Library, Sullivan Munce Cultural Center in Zionsville and the Thorntown Public Library. The monthly meetings are always open to the public.

Ways in which you may participate in the Boone County, Indiana Genealogical Society:

1.   Become a member. Membership in a genealogical society means you are no longer researching alone. Annual dues are only $15.00.

2.   Attend meetings. This is an opportunity to work on projects together, collaborate with others on our genealogical problems, enhance our research skills and share a common passion with like-minded people. Several programs are offered throughout the year on a variety of genealogy and family history topics.

3.  Volunteer. Cemetery restoration, indexing, researching and many other projects are available as volunteer opportunities. You can probably think of many examples when someone in another county or state helped you with research because you couldn't be there in person. We can pay it forward.

4. Enjoy membership. Perhaps the most important benefit of membership in a genealogical society is the connection with others and the lifelong friendships formed.

Discover your Family Tree  with Boone County Genealogical Society!!